Beyond uneasiness and enthusiasms, maybe the benefit of the travels is the space of ourselves we discover, and perhaps would have remained dark without the light of these new routes. (...)


Els bells camins. Miquel Martí i Pol


Welcome to Our aim is to promote mountain-biking, bringing together routes and tours from all over the world. We're interested in travelling, nature, landscapes, history, gastronomy and the way in which people interact with the country.
We're interested in finding the effort and the will to get to places and getting to know them. We're not into competition and rivalry - you get further by cooperating than by competing. Get going, pedal and enjoy yourself!

From the Alps to the Pyrenees
A trip through France from the Aosta Valley in Italy until Ripoll, in Catalonia. The Alps, the Vercors, the Ardèche, the Massif Central and the Pyrenees connected in 23 days. With this new journey we connect on "" Zurich with Barcelona. We give you all the information to make your trip: routes, descriptions of the itinerary and accommodations.
Apenin Mountains Tour
10 days riding, from south to north on the Apenin Mountains in Toscana. Nice country, nice people, nice meal, nice tour.
Transilvanian Carpathian Mountains
For 8 days, the tour crosses the Transilvanian Carpathian Mountains from the East to the west, crossing the ridge from North to South and vice versa.
Scotland Tour
The Scotland tour takes us in eight days from Glasgow to Thurso on the North Sea. There are three main parts. The first part follows mostly “The West Highland Way” – a signalized walking trail from Milngavie to Fort William. The second part, from Fort William to Inverness follows the “Great Glen Cycle Route”. The last part from Inverness to Thurso, follows the “National Route 1” from the “national cycle network”, created, signal...
Ten days to know a beautiful country. From the second city (Maribor), in the alpine zone, you cross to the mediterranean coast. You’ll find Polyglot and friendly people, impressive landscapes and an interesting recent history.
This is a longterm project that aims to connect the cities of Zürich and Vic, or vice versa. It has been started from Vic as well. The planned track will take us across the Bernees Alps, Wallis, French Alps, Rhone Valley, Massiv Central, Cap de Creus to Vic. If you have some suggestions, comments or even want to contribute, please do not hesitate to contact us.